AEMC-GROUP is USA company it is based in USA MI, specialize in engineering activities of variant Instrumentation, Electrical & Electronic items. measurement products is the main focus of its activities. AEMC-GROUP can support variant applications in all industrial segments Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Cement, Pulp&Paper, Food, etc.

Basically AEMC-GROUP is technical formed organization; it has in-depth technical knowledge and a collective experience of 20 years in the filed of Motors, Variable Speed Drives and variant sections of the electrical & Industrial fields. AEMC-GROUP is involved in activities in Pricing to the supplying variant Instrumentation, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical Items. The main focus as core experience for AEMC-GROUP activities is in the field of Instrumentation in terms of applications, products and spares.

Also AEMC-GROUP is supplying other industrial items for use mainly in the oil and gas process industry, Petrochemical, steel & Cement. AEMC-GROUP also provides service support for the local customers by providing a highly skilled engineers who are certified by it business partners.

AEMC-GROUP is also operating with cooperation with variant Companies locally and internationally. AEMC-GROUP has long term supply arrangements some of the core group of producers and shippers of electrical equipments which enables it to offer a stable and highly competitive pricing structure to its customers in Pricing to the with particular emphasis on the market where it operates extensively.

AEMC-GROUP functions both as sourcing agent and also as an international company operating through a network of foreign manufacturers in Europe, USA and Far East. AEMC-GROUP offers to its clients the benefit of its extensive experience as well as its strategic alliances with established and well connected companies.